The History of Casagrande Ingranaggi From 1962 to Today

The beginning

Casagrande Ingranaggi S.r.l.was founded in 1959 by Natale Casagrande and Marisa Piccoli and today consists of four partners. The company was first located in Gallarate (VA) and covered an area of 350 square meters. Since then it has grown steadily.

In 1972 the factory and offices were transferred to a larger place in Cardano al Campo (VA), covering an area of 1,050 square meters. In 1980 the production area was extended to 1,200 square meters and in 1990 the company arrived at a 3,000 square meter indoor area placed on a total area of 8,000 square meters.

In 1988 the company started using external storage possibilities and since 1998 it has used a total of 2,000 extra square meters of external production space.

In fact, since starting up with very limited means, Casagrande Ingranaggi (then sole proprietorship) has continued to manufacture precision ground gears of gradually larger dimension and higher precision.

Technological development

The technological development of Casagrande Ingranaggi S.r.l. is set around a number of milestones, starting with the purchase of the first Niles ZSTZ 500 grinding machine in 1962, which was followed by the purchase of the following equipment:

  • 1967: First involute testing machine, Maag PH60;
  • 1972: First Gleason Bevel gear grinding machine (n. 27);
  • 1990: Hofler EMZ 2602 CNC involute testing machine;
  • 1991: Niles ZSTZ 3500 tooth grinding machine;
  • 1995: First Klingelnberg Bevel W 800 CNC gear grinding machine;
  • 2001: Niles ZP 10 profile tooth grinding machine;
  • 2002: Niles 630 profile grinding machine;
  • 2004: Gleason Bevel gear cutting machine, Phoenix 1000
  • 2006: Hofler Porta 3500 profile grinding machine (internal and external gears), Hofler Rapid 1500 L and Niles ZE 400 S;
  • 2009: Rapid Hoefler 6000;
  • 2011: DMG DMU 210 5-axis milling cutter;
  • 2013: CNC 4-axis milling cutter for gears up to 120 mm in diameter.

During its journey towards innovation C.I. has purchased: 25 Niles tooth grinding machines from 315 to 3500 mm in diameter, 3 Hofler gear grinding machines up to 6000 mm in diameter, 11 Reishauer and 2 Maag gear grinding machines, 4 Gleason Bevel and 2 Klingelnberg W 800 CNC Bevel gear grinding machines, 1 DMG DMU 210 5-axis milling cutter, as well as a number of gear cutting and hole grinding machines, worms, splined shafts and other additional equipment. Today the company has a machine park comprised of more than 250 units.

The constant evolution of the production, assured by continuous investments in new machinery and equipment, is supported by an innovative management system and IT tools, which enables us to respond to our customers’ needs in a quick and flexible manner.

Casagrande Ingranaggi S.r.l. is ISO 9001 certified and a recognized supplier of AgustaWestland.

Our development and our current status show that Casagrande Ingranaggi Srl is a dynamic and forward looking company; ready to face the new challenges of the third millennium.